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Golden Swing Society combines the amateurs of the “Swing Era”, and aims at the promotion and diffusion of music, costumes and dance which were common in the Unites States from 20’s to 40’s. It was created in 2011 as a project of Matteo De Stefano with the aims of joining (*being a meeting point for…) all the enthusiasts inspired by the same passion and being a point of reference for everyone. It’s specialized in the creation of vintage events, which rebuild the typical atmosphere of that period, and of dancing nights with live big bands and orchestras that give space to the dancers and even non-dancers! We are present in Como with the event “Be Bop A Lula” and in Milan with the “Vintage Lounge Night” at Fiat Open Lounge. For all those who would like to approach this fantastic world, Golden Swing Society organizes dance classes for Lindy Hop, Jazz Solo, Charleston, Balboa and Shag, stages and privates lessons. Golden Swing Society


Matteo De Stefano

Class 1985, Matteo De Stefano starts his career as a dancer at the age of 13, when he caught the attention of the dancing world winning the Italian championship of Woogie Boogie for the category Junior E. In 2002 he started to dedicate himself to the study of Lindy Hop and Charleston, participating to various stages in Italy and to the best dance camps abroad (Herrang Dance Camp SWE, Rock That Swing GER, Harlem LI), with some of the best teachers at international level. After few years, he decided to dedicate himself to the role of teacher, choreographer and event organizer; he took part to some important European event linked to Swing music and dance, exhibiting in front of an expert and passionate public. SHOWS – PARTNERSHIP:

  • 2010 “Summer Jumboree” Senigallia (Italia)
  • 2010 “Swinging Hollywood” (Monaco, Germania)  (Bolzano, Italia)
  • 2014  “International Swing Summit” con l’orchestra di Paolo Tomelleri, Milano (Italia)
  • 2014  Teacher at “Summer Jumboree” Senigallia (Italia)
  • 2013-2014 “Swing’n’Milan” Milano (Italia) co-organizzatore e direttore artistico del festival
  • 2015 “Swing Expo” con l’orchestra di Paolo Tomelleri, Milano (Italia)

Laura Nessi

Laura Nessi

Laura Nessi, born and grown up on Lake Como, since childhood she gets close to dancing with a genuine not academic approach. She practices artistic gymnastics for several years. After a brief introduction to swing dancing learning Boogie Woogie, she finally discovers Lindy Hop and it’s like a start to a whole new world. She begins to learn Lindy Hop in Como, she gets involved and decides to expand her knowledge attending several camps and workshops abroad, among which Montpellier, (France), Harlem, (Lithuania), Herrang and Snowball , (Sweden). She moves her first steps into teaching assisting Matteo De Stefano at Zona Tartina, Milano and at Black Mama Studio, Milano afterwards. She teaches and performs at Policoro in Swing, she performs in Paolo Belli Show during the Canadian tour dates. She is then one of the teachers of Swing n’ Milan festival. She moves to Sydney for a year dancing and travelling around Australia. Once she comes back she keeps on being one of the leaders of Golden Swing Society where she currently teaches and tries to spread the joy of swing dancing. She is at the moment dedicating herself to learn solo jazz as well as female pop and RnB choreos, true disco music lover. In her opinion dancing is all about style, fun, passion, socializing, it’s something you can’t do without.

Luca Arrigoni, Golden swing society

Luca Arrigoni

He starts dancing Lindy Hop in Milan four years ago, almost unwillingly; today he spends his free time entirely participating to Lindy Hop camps all around Europe (Herrang, Paris, Grenoble, Vilnius…). Totally in love with30’s-40’s jazz music, by now he cannot do anymore without it (in his car he’s been listening to the same CD since 2 years and he hasn’t had enough yet!). He joined Golden Swing Society in 2014 as dancing partner of Laura Nessi.

Daigoro Paloschi ed Elsa Tignonsini @ GoldenSwingSociety

Daigoro Paloschi ed Elsa Tignonsini

Daigoro Paloschi and Elsa Tignonsini met Lindy Hop in 2009 due to their interest in vintage and they suddenly fall in love with it. They decide to start travelling to attend festivals and learn this dance from the best international dancers. After their participation in the most important dance camps they joined Golden Swing Society in 2013, where they learn how to teach Lindy Hop from Matteo de Stefano. Now they have dance classes in Brescia and also organize exclusive social dances in cult locations of the city.

ALICE CAPOANI @ GoldenSwingSociety

Alice Capoani

Alice Capoani started to dance as soon as she took her very first steps. Her feet just couldn’t touch the ground while listening to music. As a teenager she devoted herself to artistic gymnastics and acrobatics for seven years. She discovered and fell in love with the world of dance after a long period practicing other sports. First starting with Boogie Woogie , it was when Alice discovered Lindy Hop that she realised she had found her dance. She has participated in several national and international dance camps, is an assistant Lindy Hop teacher and gives workshops in dance. Dedicated to mastering technique and improvisation, Alice has participated in several dance shows, including Rome Jazz Festival 2014 and Swing Expo 2015 in Milan. She has also been a competition winner of several Lindy Hop contests.
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Simone Tancredi

Simone started dancing in 2003, in Como, at the age of twelve. His first passion was the Boogie Woogie dance that attracted him and his energy to the world of jazz dance and culture. In 2009 he was impressed by what he saw at the Swing Crash Festival #4. This “strange way of dancing the Boogie Woogie” immediately caught Simone’s attention. He looked for information about swing dance and he found out that in his hometown lived two of the greatest world Lindy Hop dancers, Vincenzo Fesi and Isabella Gregorio. He then began studying the Lindy Hop with these two dancers in both collective and private classes. Between 2010 and 2011 he began teaching Boogie and Lindy in the dance school where he first approached dancing. In the years 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015 he led the Como Team to the World Lindy Hop Battle Championship which takes place on the stage of Swing Crash Festival in Como directing and taking part to the choreographies for the competition. In 2014, he decided to face higher level dancers, so he stepped into Boogie Woogie competitions: that year, in April, he took part to the regional Boogie Woogie championship, a month later he won his first gold medal at a cup stage in Verona Italy; in September he placed himself side by side with Matteo DeStefano in Lindy classes in the Como section of the Golden Swing Society and the following year he taught the first Solo Jazz class in town. The Jazz dances come even in the academic interests of Simone, who graduated in April 2016 in History with a thesis entitled “American dances in Italy from World War II to the Rock and Roll” about the presence of American dances in Italy in the ’40s and ’50s. His essay studied the italian dancer Bruno Dossena, it also focused on the transition of the american Jitterbug into the European version: the so called Boogie Woogie. Simone, as well as teacher is an enthusiast student, never misses a chance to improve his knowledge with the same fondness and passion with which he transmits his experience to his students. Since October 2016 Simone starts a new activity, different from dancer and teacher: He reached the console and debuted at Swing’n’Milan 2016 as Swingin’ Simon.